Fehora Maei: The Making of an EP

Join Fehora Maei on their Journey to Releasing their First EP


Hello world!

We are Fehora Maei; a horror metal band from the depths of Chicago, Illinois.

We would like to welcome you on our journey of the release of our debut EP, “Don’t Let Them See You”.

Through this blog, you’ll closely follow the blood, sweat, and tears shed to successfully release an E.P. This blog is meant to outline the steps you could take to release your first EP. It is also meant to show you the struggles you may or may not encounter such as having to post-pone your release, struggling to find the perfect venue to have your release party at, and most importantly, figuring out how you’ll recoup from all the money you dropped on trying to make your first EP the best you possibly can.

These steps aren’t rules that you have to use when releasing your first EP or album. They are merely steps we chose to take. There is no right or wrong way to releasing an EP but there are ways that will maximize the success and audience you reach upon release.

This path ahead of us is a very long one and we hope you enjoy the ride!


About Us

Fehora Maei is a horror metal band from the South Suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Founded by vocalist/bassist Javier Sanchez and guitarist Zemmie Ferguson in mid 2014. 

The band started out as just a side project for both Javier and Zemmie. Javier was pursuing guitar in his band Kneverlette while Zemmie was working on a solo, instrumental EP after having left her band Oscillates late 2013. With no set direction, they wrote a few progressive instrumental demos just to test the waters. After writing together for some time, Javier and Zemmie decided to take it up a notch and began writing heavier material while also honing in on a set direction and image.
Jared, also a member of Javier’s band Kneverlette, came along when he discovered Javier and Zemmie were ready to expand, write, and get down to business. He joined in 2015 after experiencing a dramatic slow down with Keverlette.

They began writing a set list over the next year and a half incorporating manic bass lines, odd chords, crazy riffage, and dark lyrics. They were all fans of horror movies and dark humor and wanted to incorporate that into their live performance and image – thus forming their signature trio: The Possessed, The Demon, and The Priest.

Fehora Maei’s first show was in 2016 for Zemmie’s 20th birthday party where they performed in front of a room of over 100 people.

Unfortunately, after going through two drummers, the band remains without one and continues their search for a full time member. Fehora Maei is currently tracking their 7 song EP ‘Don’t Let Them See You’ set to release in the Summer of 2017.


Fehora Maei is…

Javier Sanchez – Vocals and Bass

Jared Kingery – Backing Vocals and Guitar

Zemmie Ferguson – Guitar


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